About Me

I am Miguel Angel Vilar, a photographer searching to capture the unique details in the everyday, recognizing its relevance and the underlying message.

I am based in Brussels, Belgium. Originally from the south of Spain, I’ve spent most of my adult life abroad, in Minneapolis (Minnesota, USA) and Singapore before moving back to Europe.

Living in different countries gives me a different perspective when looking at my surroundings. Each place has shaped who I am.

My photography is always evolving and not limited by a particular genre. The world is always interesting through my lens. I like to play with geometry, textures, minimalism, decay, high contrast.

I am attracted to architecture. Modern architecture offers an interesting contrast of lines and volumes, symmetry and order. On the opposite end, buildings in ruins present organic chaos and intense colors, especially in natural surroundings, in the way they blend and get absorbed by wild nature.

I have on occasions volunteered as a photographer for charitable and cultural events.

I am a member of the Viewfinders Photography Club of Brussels, currently serving on the committee as vice president.

Sounds evoke images just like images convey sounds.

I am also a producer of electronic and experimental music, soundscapes and field recordings. I feel both disciplines are an inspiration into each other, reflecting chaos and order, minimalism, symmetry, tonalities.

Learn more about my “sonic” side at www.symmetryreflection.com